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12 February 1981
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Date Created:02/01/07
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A Superman fan who refuses to grow out of it ;) I also love the TV series due South, Spider-Man movies and well movies in general. Other interests include theatre, plays and playwrights - a big fan of Arthur Miller and Edward Albee, musicals, music - too numerous to mention but it includes cheesy pop! I work in television but don't actually watch that much though I do like Dr. Who, Torchwood, and Smallville. And as mentioned above due South.
Strengths: Loyal, Good Listener, Hard Worker, Sense of Humor,
Weaknesses: Hate Mornings, A Bit Messy, Shy,
Special Skills: I can say the alphabet backwards! Lip Reader, First Aider,
Weapons: Kicboxer (self defence only however not a weapon really), Intelligence if I'm lucky.
My Fandoms: Superman: all media but especially the movies Spider-Man: the moives Actors: Christopher Reeve, Kevin Spacey, George Clooney, Simon Pegg, Paul Gross TV Shows: due South, Spaced, L&C:TNAOS, The Catherine Tate Show

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