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Spaced on Stage @ BFI - Sat. 10 November 2007

What can I say? It was superb :) Such a feel good atmosphere - which is a credit to Simon, Jess and Edgar as watching Spaced does exactly that for me. Aida was a lovely surprise. I knew about Jess beforehand being uable to make it so was prepped for that but her video message was funny and, well quite lovely - calling us weirdos in the nicest possible way. Simon reading a text message from 'Tyres' was fab too. The Q&A was a highlight - and *fangirl rambling warning* - Simon's sincerity and love for the characters he created with Jess was obvious in the way he talked about it in the Q&A - that was charming. I was a fan, that made me a bigger fan - I swear I melted in my seat when he was discussing what he wanted to happen to Tim and Daisy and it made me realise more how the whole "McSpaced" fiasco must hurt on a personal level. I hope the powers that be in LA heard our boos!

But actually the best thing - just spending an entire day with other fans was lovely - I actually bumped into someone I knew from another fandom entirely who I did not know was going to be there! Goes to show Spaced really did find its audience (and still is I hope) as Jess said in her message. And Spaced looks fab on a big screen! It was fun watching the broadcast channel 4 transmissions again complete with ad breaks rather than DVD. And hearing others laugh at things you've been laughing at at home watching the DVD - just a lovely experience. I hope Edgar and the cast enjoyed the audience reactions too. For the screening of series 2 Edgar and mum were actually sat on the same row as myself and missy_manic but I didn't want to bother him - besides Spaced was on!

Anyway onto the bit that everyone wants, photos! - under the cut as image heavy!

All photo's are credit to missy_manic - big thanks! And please ask her first if you want to post these elsewhere.

All images are thumbnails so not to crash your internet connection.

Edgar Wright introduces the Spaced marathon:

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg with his 'Tim Bisley' beanie hat - nice touch :)

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Mark Heap who didn't want to speak (but did eventually):

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, and Nick Frost

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, Nick Frost and Julia Deakin

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, Nick Frost, Julia Deakin, and Katy Carmichael

Nick Frost, Julia Deakin, Katy Carmichael, and Aida The Dog

The Spaced cast on stage (minus Jessica obviously):

Simon reading out a text message from 'Tyres' to the fans, and that's Minnie Pegg (not Aida) Simon's pushing into the limelight because in his words, "I want her to be famous" ;)

Nick, Simon, Minnie, and Edgar:

Bumped into Aida during one of the intervals:

Edgar thanking the fans who slogged it out for series 2 as well:
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