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Tickets, and more tickets

I was hoping by now I'd know if I'd managed to get tickets to next year's San Diego Comic Con. They were supposed to go on sale yesterday - but guess what? Too many geeks attempting to get tickets crashed the server and so now the sales have been postponed. Very frustrating. As sad as this will sound I actually took a day off work knowing tickets were meant to go on sale and that if I was determined to go I'd have to act fast and get them on the day. Now I have to wait to find out when the new sale date is *sigh* What a waste of a day off work when I could've been doing other things other than being near a computer all day. Grr!

However,it is not all doom and gloom because somehow missy_manic was one of the 1 million people who managed to get tickets to Take That's Progress tour on Friday (on behalf of four of us). I have never seen all the ticket websites crash so quickly! I am just effing excited to be going. I am sure non-Take That fans get sick to death of hearing everyone else go on about them so I'll leave it at that.
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