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Movies 2010

Seen at the cinema:

Up In The Air
Capitalism: A Love Story
Shutter Island
Green Zone
Kick Ass
Iron Man
Robin Hood
The Karate Kid
Toy Story 3
Scott Pilgrim vs The World

The Other Guys


Hot Fuzz New York Style? Well, kind of. So this is a cop comedy. It's about two hot shot cops who can't be stopped, and it is about the other guys (hence the movie title) who do all the paperwork. And its got Steve Coogan in it. Sound kind of familiar? It really is quite different to Hot Fuzz but it does share the common goal of taking the piss and equally celebrating its own genre of movie. I enjoyed watching the partnership of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. The movie itself is a bit clunky in places but most of the time it is very funny. I laughed. Also this movie earns bonus points just for casting Michael Keaton - love this guy - in comedy especially. :)
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