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Movies 2010

Seen at the cinema:

Up In The Air
Capitalism: A Love Story
Shutter Island
Green Zone
Kick Ass
Iron Man
Robin Hood
The Karate Kid
Toy Story 3

Scott Pilgrim vs The World


So this is a late review. I've actually now seen this twice. I enjoyed it more second time around because I spent the first time too excited and a bit nervous about my own expectations of the film (this is the negative side to being a hardcore fan of something or someone - director Edgar Wright and actor Brandon Routh in this case) to notice everything. And this movie is a visual (and musical) treat to say the least. And the fight scenes are impressive. I'd read volume 1 of the comics and this movie really is the comic book come to life. I enjoyed it a lot. Edgar wanted this movie to be fun and boy is it! There is nothing realistic about the scenarios in this film, it is not supposed to be. Neither do the characters feel completely cardboard cut out - that is a great feat when you consider just how little screen time some of them have - all the cast do a great job. Some may find that the characters lack depth but to be fair - I don't think this is the fault of the film - its source material is the comics and here too the characters are no more fleshed out (feel free anyone who disagrees..?) The film has a great ensemble cast. There's also some great dialogue - I don't know if this is down to Canadian comic book source of humour or Edgar's script - probably both. I think this movie will have its hardcore fans who will defend it like their life depends on it. Much in the same way I feel about Edgar's Spaced. Especially those who like computer games like I like movies etc. I am not a massive gamer but I loved the parallel of Scott's personal growth and level ups, new powers etc... It's a simple but effect tool that for some reason seemed to give the movie more heart. :) Go see it, make up your own mind. But go see it in the cinema - if only for the visuals and the music. Made for the big screen.
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