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Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish Q&A

So the epic of epicness week started on Tuesday with a Q&A at the bfi Southbank with Joe Cornish hosting the questions to Edgar Wright. This was a heck of a lot of fun. Joe Cornish did a fantastic job hosting and is a funny guy himself (wish I'd actually watched The Adam & Joe show now!). I don't know if he too was responsible for putting all the clips together that were shown too but it was just perfect. Best Q&A since Spaced Q&A. Oscar Wright was also in the audience and we learnt that one of the first things he and Edgar shot on camera was throwing their toys out of the window in slow-mo just to play about with the frame settings on the camera. Me and missy_manic cracked up at one of Edgar's 'debut' Rolf Harris Saves The World and the even more brilliant Rolf Harris 2: The Bearded One. Edgar told the audience that he sent a copy to Rolf's Cartoon Club but never got a reply. When he finally did a few years later his feedback was "It was good but some of the shots were out of focus." Another funny story was how a crew member on Shaun Of The Dead, mistaking Edgar for a runner early on in the shoot remarked that he thought the movie would go straight to DVD! Also shown was Wright's feature film debut Fistful Of Fingers. Which I have a poor quality version of (still thankful of the fan who sent me it though) - but the clip shown was much better quality. So many visual gags in it (you can see about 5 secs of it in this TV clip). No Asylum clips were shown (why this is not on DVD I do not know) but we did get to watch Bluetone's After Hours:

All the clips that were chosen were illustrating some of the links in Edgar's projects such as zombie scene in Spaced leading to Shaun Of The Dead, Dead Right to Hot Fuzz etc, and the Mortal Kombat/Tim and Daisy argument in Spaced to Scott Pilgrim. The Q&A ended with us being shown a 10 minute clip. I won't add a spoiler here but what I did see I couldn't stop laughing at the use of the Universal theme. That is all.

Here's a few photos missy_manic managed to snap:

Hope you enjoy :)
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